DM Finished All Orders In 2020 And Ready For The New Year 2021

Oct 19,2020

In the special year 2020,DM experienced low period in the early month, but resumed to normal sales very quickly, it was due to the efforts and trust of all the staffs in DM.

In the year 2020,DM published new usb flash drives, SSD,cables, card readers,adapters, wireless HDD enclosues to meet the new requirements from markets.

In the year 2020, we signed some agents in different countries, and more and more customers disposed to sign DM agents with us, we welcome customers to long term business with DM and support each other in the future.


In the New year 2021, we will continue to develop new products to meet customers' needs, and service customers better and better.

We are on the way, let's do it together.

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