The Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 19,2021

      Chinese celebrate the harvest on the Mid-Autumn Festival since ancient times. It's the same as the custom of Thanksgiving Day in North America. The custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival was popular in everywhere in China in the early Tang dynasty. The Mid-Autumn is on August 15 according to lunar calendar, it's the festival on which people will worship the moon.


     Our company also celebrete the activity every year, we eat moon cake, fruit,play games, chat each other.



  On this night, the moon will be bright in the sky and people will get together to appreciate the moon in the family. The Mid-Autumn Festival was listed as one of China's cultural heritage in 2006 and was designed to be a public holiday in 2014. The moon cake is regarded as an indispensable food on Mid-Autumn Festival. People give them to their relatives and friends as gifts or enjoy them in the family party. The traditional moon cake is printed with cheracters "longevity", "blessing", "harmony" and so on. What a funny festival!


    Do you like this festival?

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