Chips Price Will Rise Much

Jun 29,2020

According to Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", the supply chain revealed that after receiving a notice from Micron, the NAND chip contract and spot prices have doubled. The contract price has risen by 17% to 18%, and the spot price has exceeded 25%. It is the manufacturer with the highest known price increase. , Taiwanese factories such as Phison, ADATA, and Apacer are expected to benefit.

On the 15th, Western Digital's email notifying the price increase across the board set off the industry, but it did not clearly mention how the increase was. Phison reported that the module price was raised by 15%, other manufacturers also reported to suspend their quotations, Longsys and other manufacturers reported that they would stop accepting orders, and Kingston’s A400 series platform shipping costs were also reported to rise. Phison did not respond to the rumors of price increases, only emphasizing that there is no need to worry about supply. In addition, news that Apple products are affected has also appeared.

The industry pointed out that after the outbreak of the Western Digital and Kioxia material pollution incidents, it was expected that manufacturers would increase prices or suspend quotations, but the market expected a price increase of around 15%. The impact is greater than expected, and subsequent price hikes may appear one after another.

Micron did not respond positively to the news of the sharp price increase on the 16th, emphasizing that its operations have not been affected by the pollution incident, and will continue to provide customers with the best solutions. The strategy of signing long-term agreements with customers will help customers retain supply during times of industry uncertainty. confidence.

At present, Micron is the fifth largest NAND chip supplier in the world, with a market share of more than 10%, ranking behind Samsung, Kioxia, SK Hynix and Western Digital. However, Micron's contract price rose by about 17% to 18%, and the spot price rose by more than 25%, which is the manufacturer with the highest increase so far.

Industry sources pointed out that the contract price is negotiated on a monthly basis, and Micron's price increase will take effect almost immediately, and it is expected to be fully reflected in early March. Or Samsung and SK Hynix will also increase their prices next, and this round of price hikes will further push up.

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