New Password USB

Mar 15,2024

tly we launched a new product--Smart key encryption USB flash drive.

It with 7 features:

1.High Security 

With built-in chip adopting AES 256-bit advanced algorithm, it effectively prevents brute-force attack.

2.Safer Design 

Press button to input password to unlock U disk, without leaving trace on computer. 3.Reset & Wipe Function 

When inputting passwords wrongly up to 10 times, the U disk will reset automatically and wipe all data off it. 

4.High-speed transmission 

USB 3.0 interface offers transmitting rate up to 5Gbps (theoretically), shortening time of transmitting files.

5.Auto Lock 

It supports locking automatically when not plugging into PC in 30s after unlock or when pulling out from PC. 

6.Compact Design

It is small and lightweight. Take it with you anywhere, anytime. 

7.Plug and Play 

No drivers required, easy to use. And it is compatible with Windows, Centos7, Redhat7.5, Windows Server 2012/2016.





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