Functional Details Of The Adapter

May 18,2019

The network card is equipped with processors and memory (including RAM and ROM). Communication between the network card and the local area network is carried out by cable or twisted-pair wire in serial transmission. The communication between the network card and the computer is carried out in parallel transmission through the I/O bus on the computer motherboard. Therefore, an important function of the network card is to perform serial/parallel conversion.

Because the data rate on the network is not the same as the data rate on the computer bus, the memory chip that caches the data must be installed in the NIC. The device driver that manages the network card must be installed on the computer's operating system when the network card is installed. This driver will later tell the network card, from where the memory location of the LAN transmission of the block of data stored down. The network card should also be able to implement the Ethernet protocol.

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