Conditions That Should Be Available For High Quality Network Cards

May 13,2019

(1) The use of tin spray plate High-quality network card circuit board generally use spray Tin Board, network card plate is white, and poor quality network card is yellow.

(2) The use of high-quality master control chip The main control chip is the most important part on the network card, it often determines the performance of the network card, so the main control chip used by the high-quality network card should be a mature product on the market.

A lot of shoddy network cards on the market in order to reduce costs and the use of the older version of the main control chip, which undoubtedly gives the performance of the network card a discount.

(3) Most of the SMT SMD components are used High-quality network cards in addition to electrolytic capacitors and high-voltage porcelain chip capacitors, most of the other resistance container parts are more reliable and stable than the plug-in SMT SMD components.

Poor quality network card is mostly the use of plug-ins, which makes the network card heat dissipation and stability is not good enough.

(4) Golden fingers of titanium plated gold The golden finger of the high quality network card is made of titanium plated gold, which not only increases its anti-jamming ability but also reduces the interference to other equipment, while the node of the golden finger is designed by the arc shape. And the inferior network card mostly uses non-plated titanium gold, the node is also right-angled transition, which affects the performance of signal transmission.

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