Why We Need HUB

Aug 14,2019

     Though we’ve grown well beyond the days of desktop computers arriving equipped with only a few USB ports, most of us have also managed to acquire many USB-based devices. It’s not unusual for a home user to have a USB-based keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, and memory card readers, as well as charging/syncing cables for iPads, phones, e-book readers and other portable devices. Even though you might reuse the same mini USB cable for a few devices, it’s all too easy to tie up a lot of USB ports rather quickly. Factor in the location of your physical computer relative to your workspace and it can quickly become impossible (because the ports are full) or inconvenient (because the computer is located under your desk) to plug in more devices. As far as laptop users are concerned, well they can just forget it when it comes to an abundance or ports. We all want super slim and super light laptops which leave little room for an armada of USB ports. One of our favorite ultra-slim notebooks we use for work-from-coffee-shop jaunts has a mere two ports.

      So where does that leave you, the over-deviced and under-ported computer user? In need of a USB hub. If you’re not familiar with USB hubs, don’t worry. A USB hub is to USB devices as a power strip is to electrical devices: you use a hub to split the capability of one USB port on your computer among many devices just as you use a power strip to split the electrical power from a single outlet in your home or office among multiple electrical devices.

      Just like power strips aren’t all created equal (you wouldn’t plug your $10,000 home theater system into a $5 no-name power strip from Wal-Mart, after all), all USB hubs aren’t created equal. Not only do you need to pay attention to features and specifications (despite how simple a USB hub might appear at first glance) you also need to be aware of the existing hardware on your computer (be it a desktop or laptop) in order to get the best performance out of your the hub.


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